Saturday, February 4, 2012

Three Reader Reviews of Crooked Cross

"This book may not be an easy read for many. It contains material that not all people may understand. It does, however, address the issues facing our society in the perspective of religion. This book is about an incredibly strong young woman who has had to face many major obstacles in her life. I would highly recommend this book to anyone, religious or not." - Reader

"Willow is an young woman who has quite a story to tell. It's a story that many people will be shocked by many will be angered by her story. She tells her story with respect to the Christian church at which she has suffered so much abuse. I highly recommend this book for anyone. For those people who are struggling with the kinds of things Willow herself struggled with, or if you are involved in ministry, her words will shed light on a subject very few people are willing to talk about. She offers a great amount of hope for those who have been injured by seemingly well meaning churchgoers."  - Reader

"Crooked Cross is the tale of the dark side of Christianity, where devout churchgoers strive so hard to please God that they destroy His children in the process. A story of abuse in epic proportions, this book will be hard for some people to read, especially those who can relate from personal experience in fundamentalist churches. Willow is frank and candid, baring her life and even her soul in the hope that someone else will be spared her agony. This book is must reading not only for victims of religious abuse, but also for counselors, therapists, and pastors who are left to help pick up the pieces of shattered lives. Definitely one of the most profoundly moving books in print."  - Reader  

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